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MV Integrated Consulting Limited (MV CONSULTING) is a Management Development and Marketing Communications Company committed to creating value that will enhance the competence, performance and productivity levels of our clients.

MV CONSULTING is a unique training-learning center that places strong emphasis on profound knowledge, sound engagement, good behaviour and professionalism.

MV CONSULTING is all about adding the critical value

To be a leading "world class" Training and Learning Center in Nigeria

To raise the SERVICE BAR through quality deliverables aimed at enhancing our clients Performance, Productivity, and Effectiveness through the deployment of top-of-the range facilities that give great value to all stakeholders.

At the end of our programmes participants should be able to;
-  acquire new skills and improve on current competence.
-  improve on individual or corporate progress and well being for better performance.
-  feel motivated, confident and more valued.
-  be more productive, accountable and proactive.
-  improve and enhance personal or corporate image and socio economic status.

Exceptional Customer Service

  • We serve our  customers personally, in friendly manner, competently, caringly and memorably. This gets us  registered in  their minds and  assures of their loyalty.
  • We provide responsive, proactive, satisfying, timely, delivery of workable solutions through the relevant skills, expertise and accountability, and to the client's delight. We use the knowledge and understanding of our clients businesses, and consistently seek opportunities to add value.
  • Knowing the various options and alternative clients can choose from, we set the bar high to provide the  quality services we possibly can. we do by updating and enhancing our skills and expertise and by ensuring a consistent conducive learning environment.
  • We strive to meet or exceed our customer's expectations at every contact they have with us because when customers are delighted and satisfied, our business keeps going and our staff employment guaranteed.


  • We appreciate the need to be  fair, equitable, honest, reliable and responsible in all we do.
  • We benchmark our services against  highest professional standards and in line with global best practices to  the best of our ability and  the interest of our clients.
  • Our staff are our ambassadors , behaving ethically and adhering to their professional responsibilities is  vital and core to our daily existence.
  • We are always proud to lay claim and ownership to all we do and say because, we know we will always do so with high sense of details, responsibility, and constructive engagements.

Dedication, Passion and Commitment.

  • We dedicate ourselves passionately to everything we do. We are strongly committed to helping our clients and ourselves reach  individual and organizational goals.
  •  We are conscious of the fact that the impact we make on our client serves as indicators of our success and capability.
  • To help our clients and colleagues achieve their ultimate goals, we go the extra mile, continuously challenging our approaches (strategies and tactics) while thinking out of the box in an attempt to provide workable solutions.
  • We believe everyone is at his/her best when they do what they love, feel passionate about it and at the same time get rewarded for.
  • We embrace dynamic and flexible career paths that propel success and repel defeat. (We never give up).

Our People, Our Asset

  • We believe every member of our staff has potentials to reach for greater heights; we empower our people to take initiative and do what's right and needful always.
  • We provide a range of internal and external opportunities for our staff to grow and enable them to effectively optimize their abilities within the organization and beyond, while advancing their career goals.
  • We believe that the personal growth of our team members will naturally drive our company's progress hence we create the right environment where training and learning is facilitated and appreciated while encouraging our staff to seize every opportunity to LEARN.

Idea Rules The World (Innovation & Creation)

  • Idea is the key driving force to the multi-solution we provide to address the multi-dimensional challenges and opportunities each experience with our Customers offers.
  • We welcome ideas and input from our customers, staff, investors and of course our suppliers, as no one is an Island.
  • We are never content , we never set back rather we constantly challenge ourselves on the better ways to do things always because we believe in the dynamic and permanency of change. (The world outside is moving and at MV Consulting, we move with it)

Building Relationships

  • We strive always to build good, personal and lasting relationships with our contacts. As a responsible company we help our clients and colleagues to achieve their goals (individual or corporate).
  • Knowing our clients and colleagues goals and objectives is key part of an essential factor in the daily existence of MV Consulting hence we encourage/promote good interpersonal relationships amongst our stakeholders.
  • We care about our community and we give back to it activities that will make meaningful impact on the lives of the locals.

Team Work (Working Together, Winning Together)

  • We encourage and support each other while working to mandates and achieving mutually beneficial results.
  • We treat each other with respect as we would want to be treated. We encourage ourselves to appreciate the diversity in our team as an ingredient for success and we respect each other for our contributions to the overall achievement of the company's goals.
  • We value team effectiveness  hence our commitment to accessible communication and sharing of constructive feedback without compromising individual well being and development. (by breaking all barriers)
  • We value, support and respect each team members by providing a level playing  field that inspires exemplary behavior , generates trust, builds respect, encourages open and honest communications and breeds sincere appreciation of  team members effort.
  • We encourage support for one another, cooperation, respect for one another's view and provisions of a work environment that's fun and enjoyable. We strive to take time to share moments of fun and joy together, because we don't believe fun inhibits accomplishments but rather it supports it.
  • We enjoy ourselves because we believe people are at their best when they enjoy what they do. So we work hard, we play good.

Participants and Beneficiaries of our programmes are usually drawn from both Government Establishments and the Private Sectors.
26 Lambe Kudaisi Street, Off Jimoh, Akinremi Street, By Jimoh B/stop, Akowonjo, Lagos, Nigeria.
08054346424, 08023784007.


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